Apr. 1947
Tomomasa Kawasaki founded original company, Takatsuki Electric Mfg. in Osaka.
At the time of establishment Takatsuki Electric Mfg.
Feb. 1951
Started to supply motor for Matsushita Electric Mfg Co., Ltd.
Jan. 1956
Reorganized as a limited company, Takatsuki Electric Mfg Co., Ltd.
Apr. 1957
Kori Factory opened in Osaka.
Jan. 1961
Head Office & Takatsuki Factory moved for expansion at present site.
Oct. 1961
Hino Factory opened in Shiga.
Sep. 1965
Received approval from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry for small electric motor manufacturers.
Jan. 1967
Takasima Factory opened in Shiga.
Feb. 1967
Received approval from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry for manufacturers of applied equipment such as AC motors.
Oct. 1972
Developed an air pump for septic tanks and started supplying it.
Air pump for septic tank Unit 1
Oct. 1976
Launch of first HIBLOW air pump “DP-6F”.
HIBLOW Air pump Unit1 DP-6F
Dec. 1979
Nozomu Kawasaki took office as President & CEO.
Jul. 1986
Tokyo Branch set up in Tokyo.
Oct. 1987
New construction for Head Office & Takatsuki Factory completed.
Jan. 1993
On the 45th anniversary of the company ‘CI’ was introduced and the company name was changed to Techno Takatsuki Co., Ltd.
Jun. 1993
Established subsidiary KOREA TAKATSUKI INC. in Seoul.
Dec. 1995
Head Office & Takatsuki factory got certification of “ISO-9001”.
Oct. 1996
Oct. 2000
Head office and all the Factory sites in Japan got certification of “ISO-14001”.
Nov. 2000
Finished to supply motor for Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd Consolidate domestic production bases at Hino Factory.
Feb. 2001
Started sales of dental care product “Honey Breath”.
Dental care products Honey Breath
Jan. 2002
Established “HIBLOW USA INC.” for sales in America.
Apr. 2003
Established “HIBLOW FRANCE S.A.S” & “HIBLOW SPAIN S.L.” for sales in Europe.
Dec. 2004
“HIBLOW PHILIPPINES INC.(HPI)” is established.
Feb. 2005
Changed the company name of the European subsidiary to “HIBLOW FRANCE S.A.S” and “HIBLOW SPAIN S.L.”.
Aug. 2005
Participated NEDO project for “Technical development of booster pump for home use fuel cell system”.
Dec. 2008
PTTI was unified to HPI.
Jan. 2012
Name of Hino factory has been changed to “HINO OFFICE”.
Established “HIBLOW GREINWORTH CO., LTD.” for sales and manufacture in China.
Apr. 2015
Established “HIBLOW VIETNAM” for sales and manufacture.
Apr. 2016
Obtained permission for medical device manufacturing and sales.
Oct. 2016
Started shipping the foot massager “MOMIMARO M-10”.
foot massager MOMIMARO
Jul. 2018
Established “HIBLOW AUSTRALIA PTY LTD”, an Australian sales office.
Aug. 2018
Consolidate domestic sales offices at the Takatsuki head office.
Jul. 2019
Started shipping “ICINGPRO ME-1000”, a device and device for cooling therapy.
Jan. 2020
Nozomu Kawasaki took office as Chairman of the board.
Masayuki Kawasaki took office as President and CEO.

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