about HIBLOW

Techno Takatsuki was the first company to develop electromagnetic diaphragm air pumps with the name of HIBLOW in 1967. Since that time Techno Takatsuki has produced over 17 million units and remains the leading inn ovator of this electromagnetic diaphragm technology. Advanced technology of HIBLOW has been applied to create highly durable, high quality, low noise and power efficient solutions for an expanding range of technical applications in over 70 countries worldwide.

Working Principle

Working Principle

When an AC power supply is applied to the electromagnet facing the permanent magnet fixed to the rod, the rod moves left and right due to the force of attraction and repulsion between the two magnets due to the action of magnetic force. The rod vibrates at the same frequency as the power supply, and the volume change inside the casing and the action of the valve send compressed air.

HIBLOW product features


The vibrating part has the construction that an actuating rod supported by two special synthetic rubber diaphragms vibrates laterally and this allows long-term continuous operation.

No lubricant oil

There is no sliding portion between moving parts so that no lubrication is required and the exhausted air is always clean.

High efficiency

Owing to the electromagnetic vibration construction which eliminates friction parts, “HIBLOW” pump realizes lower power consumption and high performance.

Compact and powerful

“HIBLOW” air pump employs perfectly-balanced vibration mechanism using two electromagnets, one in the front and the other in the rear. This mechanism allows compact size and powerful device.

Low noise

Soundproofing construction from the viewpoint of air circuit and vibration is the key factor in the design of pump and “HIBLOW” pump has exceptionally quiet sound level.

Smooth air flow

Because the exhaust air volume is very constant and there is less pulsation, “HIBLOW” pump is suitable for the application which requires consistent air pressure and supply.

Simple maintenance

“HIBLOW” pump shall be used for longer period with maintenance free, however, replacement of the parts can easily be done by modular type of parts in case that diaphragm might be broken.



* HIBLOW & AIRTRONICS is registered trademark of Techno Takatsuki co., ltd.